Spring Series: E Pluribus Unum/Out of Many, One:

The Ideals, The People, The Continent

Explore America’s Beginnings! From the ideals & people that inspired it to the continental story unfolding around it. There has never been a more relevant time to understand the events—and unfinished challenges—in the founding of our republic!

Spring Books:

Sat: March 13, 1-3 pm
The Radicalism of the American Revolution
by Gordon S. Wood (1993)

Recalibrate your understanding of the American Revolution, the transformative event that created our democracy and unleashed the concept of equality on the world. Winner of the Pullitzer Prize.

Sat: April 10, 1-3 pm
West of the Revolution
by Claudio Saunt (2014)

Change your vantage point. Put the American Revolution in the larger geopolitical context of the other revolutionary events that rocked North America in 1776 – from the Spanish in San Francisco to the Russians in Alaska, the Sioux in the Black Hills, and more.

Sat: May 8, 1-3 pm
Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation
by Joseph J. Ellis (2000)

Immerse yourself in six vignettes focused on key events and decisions that shed light on the personalities and power-brokering of Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, John Adams, and James Madison as they grappled with making the dream of the United States a reality. Winner of the Pullitzer Prize.

The Joy of History